Monday, August 16, 2010

Obama and Bibi: It's Like Looking at Night and Day

Lately, it has been nice to read articles by George Will. The article he wrote last Thursday, entitled Netanyahu, the anti-Obama....absolutely loved it! The way Will illustrates the stark contrasts between the two leaders has well worth the read.

As Will points out, “two photographs adorn the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” The first is of Theodor Herzl, and the second is of Winston Churchill. Both role models were fervently Zionist, and both were able to amply grasp the reality around them. Obama, on the other hand, has one role model: himself.

Extent of one’s narcissism and hubris is not the only thing that separates these two. These two men have a completely different worldview on international relations. This goes beyond Netanyahu’s nationalistic zeal and Obama’s deranged notion of post-nationalism. Netanyahu recognizes reality. He realizes that he is surrounded by enemies that want Israel annihilated. He realizes that Iran is in the process of creating a sizable that, in all probability, will be used to create a nuclear bomb intent on blowing up Israel. Even more importantly, much like Churchill, he wants to prevent calamity and disaster before it strikes.

Enter Netanyahu’s opposite: Obama. Obama wants world order. As stated in his Berlin speech, he’s a “citizen of the world.” Funny how I missed the fact that there is actually a political entity that governs the human race on a global level. This leftist utopia has not come to pass. If anything, it could very well be in the midst of failure. With possible exception of its intervention in Kosovo, the United Nations is ineffective as a security force. Maintaining security, in effect, maintains peace, which means the United Nations is an overall failure. The same post-national failure goes for the European Union. Its economy has been relatively stagnant. With certain countries, i.e., Spain, Portugal, Greece, in financial crisis, we’re finally seeing the ugly side of “post-nationalism.” The European Union even tried to pass a constitution that would create a centralized utopia. Alas, it’s not working quite as planned. Basing your reality on an unrealized utopia is foolish at best, but since you’re running the country, Mr. Obama, it’s detrimental to the "peace process."

Does Obama honestly think that Netanyahu is going to back down? It’s not only because Netanyahu has a solidified right-winged coalition in the Knesset. It’s because he’s Israeli. If Obama thinks he can mold Netanyahu into a “little dreidel that he madewww.googl out of clay,” he’s got another thing coming. Clearly, Obama has never met Israelis. If he did, he’d know that Israelis don’t back down from a fight and they will stand their ground. Either Obama will realize the incompetency of his foreign policy, which will most likely be delivered in an electoral coup de grĂ¢ce this November, or his legacy will ultimately marred with ineptness and failure in the Middle East.

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