Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Two Cents on Yesterday's Electoral Politics

My comments on the election will be short and sweet, particularly in light of the fact that I had enough antipathy not to vote this election cycle for the first time since I have legally been able to do so.

A swing of sixty-five Congressmen in favor of the GOP is historically impressive. Since the GOP did not take the Senate along with the House, it sends mixed messages as to the success of the Tea Party. Since the bicameral system is split between the GOP and Democrats, it is difficult to determine whether anything will get done. The only possibility of that happening would be if any Democratic Senators who have their seats up for reelection in 2012 think twice before toting with party lines. Even if this does happen, I am still skeptical about the GOP's sincerity. The only reason the GOP grabbed so many seats in the House is because of the failure of Obama's economic policies. The GOP overall kept the campaigns focused on financial issues. Now, the constituents (e.g., the Tea Party) have to hold these new candidates' feet to the fire in order for free-market, financial and economic reforms to pass. Otherwise, the GOP will continue with more of the same vanity.

On another side note, I was surprised that Proposition 19 didn't pass, especially knowing the demographics of California. I heard from both sides on the issue of legalizing marijuana. Proponents said it would boost tax revenue and eliminate black markets, thus eliminating crime. The opponents said it would increase crime and ruin society. Regardless of how I personally feel about cannabis, it would have been interesting to see the measure in practice, just to see which side was really right.

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