Saturday, January 30, 2010

Democrats Pressure Israel and the State of Anti-Semitism

I came across this bit of news late this past week.  According to Haaretz, there are 54 lawmakers that are urging Obama to put pressure on Netanyahu--pressure to let up on Gazan border controls.  These Congressmen gripe because "we're punishing the collective [i.e., the Gazans] because of the few [i.e., Hamas]."  What these Congressmen forget is that Gaza voted for Hamas, and that just about everybody over there is, at the very least, an anti-Semite, and at the most, a Hamas supporter.  Knowing that Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, has a bias towards the Left, I noticed that they forgot one important fact about this news: all 54 Congressmen are Democrats!

First of all, why should Israel have to let up on border control?  You have a group people who call for the extermination of the Jewish people.  These border controls are a form of self-defense.  Any other nation defending their borders as such is a necessary precaution.  When Israel does it, it's apartheid!  Maybe "Palestine" should get some sovereignty so they wouldn't have to be so dependent on Israel "closing its borders."  Maybe they should vote in a new party.  [Side note--that won't work, it's only an electoral democracy, not a liberal one.  For those of you who don't know, a liberal democracy is an electoral democracy that happens to protect civil rights]  Maybe they should stop hating their Jewish neighbors.  This article, entitled Middle East needs bridges, not walls, shows the poor mentality of those on the Left.  "Bibi builds walls.  Israel isn't for peace."  You know how much land Israel has tried to give to appease these jihadists?!  That's a matter of picking up a history book, something I know that the pro-Palestinian factions have not done, nor will ever do, just because Israel would have to be presented in a positive light.  Historically speaking, Israel has tried again and again to appease Arabs by offering them a state.  They don't want to hear any of it because it's easier to have a scapegoat than to fix your own problems. 

This brings me to my second point, which is that all fifty-four of the Congressmen were Democrats!  One would think that the "Religious Right" in this country would be the ones with the issue becuase "Jews have forsaken Jesus."  Wrong!  You can describe right-winged Christians with other adjectives, but anti-Semitic isn't one of them.  The truth is that anti-Semitism in the West comes overwhelmingly from the Left.  If you don't count just about every single Muslim (I give the Sufis a pass, as well as a few Sunnis and Shi'ites) in the West, it would essentially be a Leftist phenomenon.  KKK and neo-Nazis, you might say.  Well, there are only about 50,000 in America, so they can be ignored.  And if you are Jewish and worried, buy a gun!  We Jews outnumber them more than 100 to 1.  That might be problematic for many Jews because they're exceptionally liberal.  If you actually wanted to learn from Nazi Germany, you would buy a gun because that is one of the first rights they took away.  The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is just a great example of how a couple hundred rag-tag Jews with some basic weaponry can hold off the Nazi army, one of the most advanced at the time, for nearly a month.  But I digress.  It is amazing how much anti-Semitism has shifted from a right-winged to left-winged phenomenon.  Universities, being the bastions for liberalism that they are, teach their students how to be "anti-Israel" or "anti-Zionist," being careful not to explicitly say they hate the Jewish people.  The academics in their ivory tower are the ones constantly calling for boycotts of Israel.  To the Left, Israel represents the establishment, which is why they view Zionism as a form of colonialism.  Israel being compared to Nazi in Leftist circles is no longer something done behind closed doors--it is something that has become mainstream.  As Chief Sir Rabbi Jonathan Sacks points out, the reason why Israel has become a cause célèbre [for the Left] is because it is presented as the fight for human rights, whereas Israel represents [for those on the Left] racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, attempted genocide and crimes against humanity, all of which are clearly fallacious charges.  Another theory I have come across is that Israel represents the success of capitalism, whereas the "Palestinians" represent the proletariat who need "social justice" (i.e., land re-distriubtion on an international level.....Leftists taking something that isn't theirs and distributing it to somebody else....I sense a theme here) delivered by punishing Israel and returning the land to the Palestinians, although they have no real claim to the land.  In short, Israel is a global personification that which the Left despises--earning what you have worked for, entrepreneurship, a growing capitalist economy, nationalism, free speech, self-defense, take your pick! 

This sort of behavior cannot be accepted.  As for the fifty-four Congressmen, if they happen to be your Congressmen, give them a call and tell them to back off of Israel.  Although this is a step in the right direction, fighting anti-Semitism won't be that simple.  Going back to the Sacks article, we are truly dealing with the most irrational and widely-spread negative sentiment.  It will take both the Jewish people continuing to present a positive image, as well as allies who sympathize with Israel's predicament.  By putting up the fight to eradicate this needless hatred, we help usher in an age in which peace, rather than hatred, dominates.

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