Friday, January 22, 2010

Week of January 17 Hodgepodge

-As if Scott Brown taking Ted Kennedy's seat wasn't enough.  The Democrats tried to pass the Senate version through the House this week in attempts to shove something down America's throat, but failed miserably.  Their plans for an ambitious health care overhaul have been officially thwarted, and at this point, I couldn't be happier.

-Air America filed bankruptcy.  I guess Leftist programming only works best when you force it upon the American people in the form of PBS.  Good riddens to bad trash!

-Former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton writes about the latest controversy between Google and China.  I am one for amicable relations in that region in the world, especially considering the fact China is an economic rising power with the world's largest military.  If China wants to promote liberal democracy throughout its lands, then fine, I have no problem with making occasional concessions that don't throw the balance of power out of whack.  However, when you continue in your authoritarian ways to the extent where your economic freedoms have declined even further from last year, issues arise in foreign policy.  But I do thank Google for having a pair.  Maybe the Obama administration can follow suit.    

-For once, I can say I am impressed with CNN.  Earlier this week, CNN was impressed with the fact that Israel was the only nation to set up a hospital in Haiti. Again, I continue to give Israel kudos for always being the first ones on the scene when humanitarian aid in moments of crisis is needed.

-A great victory for the First Amendment took place this week in the Supreme Court when they struck down the McCain-Feingold law severly limiting campaign contributions.  When a law requires any group of two or more people who raise $5,000 for the purposes of making a political statement to be ambushed by a blizzard of federal regulations subject to fines, you have to wonder what McCain-Feingold was really about.  With this advancement of freedom of speech, particularly during elections, people will be able to freely voice their frustrations against the Obama administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress this upcoming November.

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