Monday, March 29, 2010

Told You So!

This is the kind of blog I like writing, not because I think I have magically accrued prophecy, but because it's nice to know that my analytical work is accurate and lines up with that concept we like to call reality. 

While skimming through the news, I managed to find two incidents today in which I had accurately predicted an outcome. 

1) Jimmy Carter is a phony.  Obviously, this statement should be more common sense than anything else, but I wouldn't be much of a Jew if I didn't believe people can change their character, even if it is as someone as loathsome as Carter, and even if that possibility is next to nil.  The incident to which I refer was back in December when the ex-President supposedly was being sincere in his repentence to the harm he has caused with his lies.  As if I weren't surprised, Carter is up to his old tricks again.  As Abraham Foxman, president of the Anti-Defamation League, stated earlier today, "As far as I'm concerned, there is no Al Chet. President Carter's recent comments on Israel are profoundly disappointing, and leave little doubt of the insincerity of his apology."  With antics like these, it makes one wonder who's more anti-Israel: Obama or Carter?

2) "Health Overhaul Likely to Strain Doctor Shortage" is a recent piece from Associated Press written by Lauran Neergaard.  Wow, really?!  I didn't know that the health care bill was going to do that.  But voilĂ , I did blog on that....back in October! Granted, I discussed more about the resultant of a doctor shortage, which, incidentally enough, is the inevitability of rationing health care [i.e., a doctor shortage would be implicit in the argument].  This is basic economics.  When you throw on an extra thirty million people [i.e., a substantialy huge increase in demand of health care services] without increasing the supply of labor in the health care field [i.e., increase the amount of doctors], it strains doctor availability to the point where doctors will have to prioritize because simply put, they won't have time to check up on all of their patients.  I can also predict that Obamacare is going to be disastrous for us, much like David Hogberg does, but then again, that's just something that should be self-evident, rather than rely on some messianic figure to give us false hope of ameliorating the health care system.

I hope to write a blog like this soon.  It's nice to re-visit previous blogs and verify their accuracy.

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