Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Academic Who Can't Get Israel Right

And I thought that Noam Chomsky was annoying enough!  I came across an op-ed letter from in the Post Crescent, my local newspaper, from Professor Martin Gruberg, an emeritus professor from UW-Oshkosh.  When I initially read the article, the tone of the writing made it appear as if it were written either by an anti-Semite or a self-loathing Jew.  Even after reading the article and finding out who the author was, I can't but help to still think the author is either one. In any event, the basis of his article is that there are six policies that Israel can implement to bring peace to the Middle East and lessen the need for American involvement in that part of the world.  I'll list them and briefly comment on each one:

1. Creation of a functioning Palestinian state.  The problem with this "solution" is that there are two entities in question, mainly that of Hamas and Fatah, that would need to be granted statehood.  They are both separated by Israel.  Since they are two separate entites without sovereignty, they clearly cannot function on their own

2. Dismantling illegal Israeli settlements and outpostsThese are not an obstacle to peace.  Get over it!

3. Exchange land for peace.  This has been Israel's approach to the "peace process" since before the inception of the modern state.  The fact that Israel has withdrawn from 93% of disputed territory doesn't seem to make the Palestinians happy.   

4. Share Jerusalem as the capitol of two respective states.  The Palestinians don't want to share.  They want it all to themselves.  Just take a look at some pictures from Palestinian textbooks.  Even Hillary Clinton thought Palestinian textbooks were a form of child abuse, that is before she worked for the Obama administration.

5. Relax the economic embargo on the Gaza Strip.  Yea, just another way for Israel to compromise its national security for a bunch of terrorists.

6. Create a machinery for compensating Palestinians for property lost with Israel's creation.  Bolstering and aiding your enemy makes a lot of sense...only if you're a proponent of national suicide!

Professor Gruberg, you might as well work for the Obama administration because your "blame Israel while giving the Palestinians a pat on the back" mentality lines up perfectly.  I noticed that you never decided once to list what the Palestinians need to do to bring peace.  How about not teaching their children how to blow up innocent Jews?  How about recognizing Israel's right to exist?  How about not indoctrinating children with hatred towards the Jewish people?  It takes two to tango, Professor!  Israel has been doing the "land for peace" bit for decades, and all the Palestinians do is continue to hate Jews.  Rather than be part of the "blame Israel first" group, maybe you should chastize who is really to blame--the Palestinians.

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