Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obama’s Nuclear Dream is Going to Go “BOOM!”

A world without nuclear arms sounds lofty. We can all happily live in peace in a care-free world knowing that there is no strife or conflict. But the main problem with Obama’s dream is that that day has yet to arrive. In order for a true, utopian world peace to occur, amicable relations need to precede any disarmament, not the other way around.

This is yet another example of Obama’s backwards view on the world. The world is not filled with liberal democracies. Totalitarianism still exists. America still has enemies. Much of foreign policy is still dictated by Realpolitik, which still implements such axioms as self-interest, balance of power, and national security. Until we can all “get along,” no country is going to [totally] relinquish their nuclear capabilities. In terms of national self-interest, there would be too much at stake if disarmament took place.

Look at this chart below:

First of all, if nobody has to been able to confirm Israel’s nuclear arsenal, I'd like to know how the heck the BBC even knows that Israel has eighty nuclear warheads?! This tangent is beyond me, although if I had to guess, it's probably shotty journalist work where they embellish on numbers just to make themselves look smart. But let us assume, for argument’s sake, that Israel has these warheads. Why would they give them up?? Israel is surrounded by a bunch of Arab nations that have tried to annihilate Israel in the past. You have a despotic Iran run by an absolute loon who has called for Israel’s destruction on multiple occasions. Only a masochist in the Israeli government who has a death wish for the Jewish state would hand over their weapons.

Israel wouldn’t be the only nation with something substantial to lose. After losing the Cold War, Russia has been trying to gain clout in the international field. Why would the Russian government surrender the only asset that gives them an edge? China is building up to be a world power, so it certainly won’t give up a single warhead. Pakistan and Indian have been at each other’s throat about the Kashmiri territorial dispute since 1947, and that is not about to wane anytime soon. And unless North Korea has nuclear arms, no one will pay attention to that authoritarian regime.  Even if there isn't a specific context to the reasoning, the fine point of all of this is that it is nobody's self-interest, not even America's, to totally disarm.  Even if we pretend to in the public sphere, it's very likely that we have another stash in a secret location because as military strategist, you have to think to yourself, "hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

Any attempt at disarmament will turn out to be even more pathetic than the Copenhagen Conference this past December. And it's not that I don't want to live in a world free of nuclear worries.  It's that I know the gap between reality and what we strive for [i.e., world peace], is too wide.  Until such a gap is minimized, we cannot risk our national security based on Leftist, whimsical notions of world peace. 

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