Friday, July 23, 2010

Why The Left Should Support Israel, But Doesn't

I normally don't read the Huffington Post, mostly because I've actually met Ariana Huffington in person and I can safely say that sound political analysis is not her forte.  Needless to say, I came across an article on the website by Alan Krinsky entitled Eight Reasons Leftists Should Support Israel.  He goes into reasons, such as human rights, the respect for human dignity, anti-authoritarianism, and peace, to support Israel.  These should be reasons that all humans should support Israel, but that's a semi-tangent. 

Support for Israel just makes sense, at least if you know your history, can get past the pro-Palestinian media, and still have a moral compass.  However, as I have explained before, Israel is a symbol that many on the Left ignore.  Israel is a geo-political embodiment of everything the Left despises, whether that would be capitalism, nationalism, or the right to self-defense.  The "Arabi-Israeli conflict" is a need for those on the Left to partake in wealth and land redistribution on an international level.  For them, it's not enough to do it here at home and exacerbate this economy.  They have to go about and demonize the only democratic nation-state in the Middle East that actually protects freedoms.  I hope that many on the Left, like Pilar Rahola, realize the importance of being on the Left and supporting Israel.  Support of Israel is something that should transcend being on a certain side of the political spectrum.  It's sad when you have a statistical probability of predicting somebody's support for Israel solely on knowing whether they fall to the Left or the Right on the political spectrum.  May the Left follow the example of Rahola and Krinsky so there can be the proper unity to bring freedom and democracy to nations everywhere.   

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