Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stop Blaming Bush

It was annoying enough to hear the "Blame Bush First" crowd when he was in office.  They would blame either Bush or Halliburton for why life was so miserable.  They even went so far as to blame Bush for causing Hurricane Katrina.  For a man who was "so hopelessly stupid," I don't know how he managed to acquire the ability to control nature, but for these liberals, intelligent argumentation was never their strong suit.  I remember the whole Hurricane Katrina situation when people blamed Bush for "lack of adequate response time" although he had declared a state of emergency two days prior to the hurricane.  The flack that the "Blame Bush First" people gave him, as well as FEMA, was, as always, horrendous.  In spite of whatever imperfections that Bush had during his presidency, and believe me, I can name a few, that mentality should have died with the Obama presidency.

I bring in that background information with regards to the recent oil spill that happened on the Gulf Coast on April 20th.  I'm no mathematical genius, but that is approximately 40 days without a resolution.  Here's my question: where's the Left-wing outrage?  Why is nobody depicting Obama as the most idiotic president on G-d's green earth because of his environmental neglect?  All the Left has shown throughout this ordeal is that it is the master of double standards.  I really wish the Left would use its ridiculous standards across the board, but I think intellectual consistency would be too much to ask from the Left. 

But wait, it gets better!  Not only is the Left not blaming Obama for this oil, but lo and behold, this oil spill somehow is Bush's fault.  In case anybody missed it, Bush has been out of office for about the past year and a half.  The man has no power in neither Congress, the White House, nor the Supreme Court.  Even with that reality in mind, Chis Dodd (D-CT) somehow can still blame Bush for Obama's inability to respond:

I have news for those who instinctively blame Bush.  He has no affluence in American politics anymore.  You need to give criticism where criticism is due (i.e., to Obama) instead of displaying intellectual ineptness.  If anybody has doubts about the propensity of the Left to blame Bush, read this satirical article about blaming Bush.  It's written by Chuck Green, who incidentally, is a Left-leaning Democrat.  I found it to be quite amusing.

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