Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flotilla, Shmotilla: A Falsified Diversion

In international news, yet another scenario occurred to provoke anti-Israel sentiment throughout the world.  The IDF had boarded a flotilla coming into a blockaded Gaza from Turkey.  What wasn't expected was a violent reaction, let alone a death toll.  As if it were a surprise, the U.N. immediately blamed Israel before doing anything resembling an investigation, and European leaders condemned Israel for its "disproportionate" response to attacking supposed peace "activists."

First of all, I will respond with the fact that there is nothing peaceful about Hamas.  Aside from the fact they have been firing hundreds of rockets into Israel, the very reason for needing a blockade in the first place, we also have the fact that Hamas' constitution calls for the eradication of the state of Israel.  One also has to keep in mind the "cheery" mood these "peace activists" were in the day beforehand, when they were cheering for the death of Jews (notice how mainstream media would never report anything like that):

Also, what kind of peace activists have you met that whack people upside the head with metal poles: 

I can think of only one country in the world that has to apologize every time it acts in its self-defense.  I can only think of one country in the world that has myth-like expectations thrusted upon it.  I can only think of one country that is inaccurately vilified on a constant basis, and that country is Israel.  It wouldn't matter if the maritime blockade were legitimate or if Israel is still making sure that Gazans get sufficient aid, in spite of the fact that Hamas is trying to annihilate Israel.  If this were any other country in the world, the international community would be giving them a pat on the back for protecting their citizenry.  But this is Israel we're talking about here.  The double standards used with Israel (i.e., too high of standards) and Palestine (i.e., no standards whatsoever) is mind-blowing, but it makes sense.  Israel just so happens to be the only Jewish state on the planet, and its existence alone, never mind its success, gets under the skin of so many people. 

What I can safely predict is that this flotilla incident will be used to ignore bigger problems, such as the ineptness of Hamas to run a government, the fact that the UN perpetuates the plight of the Palestinian with such NGOs as UNWRA, or the fact that most Palestinians would rather see their children go to suicide bomber summer camp rather than make peace with the Israelis.  Until people in this world can gain a better sense of right and wrong, I am afraid that Israel will erroneously be seen by many as an antagonist rather than what it should be viewed as: a beacon of hope, democracy, and prosperity in an otherwise dark abyss of totalitarianism.

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