Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Riddens to Helen Thomas

Like most Jews, I'm glad to see Helen Thomas go.  In all sincerity, who says such idiocies?  The fact that America has given her the ability to have four decades of "experience" in journalism while being able to express such stupidity is beyond me.  Moments like these only augment my cynicism--this is who we, as Americans, consider to be a good reporter?  One who doesn't even do something as basic as find out the most simple facts before she tells the Jews to "get the hell out [of Israel]" and "go back to where they came from?"  You must be joking! 

She might have angered a lot of Americans, but "surprise, surprise," she made new friends with Al Qassam, who so happens to be the military wing of Hamas.  Yes, that is the same Hamas that is a well-known terrorist organization who has been spending its entire existence in attempts to eradicate Jews [unsuccessfully] from Israel.  This wretched woman got off way too easy by simply retiring.  May G-d deliver this woman the retribution she deserves, because quite frankly, such stupidity and hatred is unacceptable.  In case anybody hasn't seen the footage to figure out why I am riled up, here you go:

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