Monday, June 7, 2010

Libertarian Explains How You Can Be Pro-Israel and Libertarian

One of my friends, Aaron Biterman, recently posted an online entry about the defense of Israel from a libertarian perspective.  Some of you are probably wondering how the two mix.  After all, if you talk to enough libertarians, it's almost as if they were strict isolationists.  I know I used to think that once upon a time.  At the very least, as Biterman points out, one should advocate for Israel's right to self-defense from autocrats who want to deprive Israelis of their most basic freedoms.  I've come across enough libertarians who are on the deep end when it comes to Israel, the first one coming to my mind being Ron Paul.  But as Biterman states, "The same libertarians defending Israel’s right to self-defense can simultaneously defend a non-interventionist foreign policy. There is no contradiction, except by those who would have Israel wiped off the face of the earth due to an erroneous claim to ‘property rights’."  I found it to be a good read, and if you happen to be a pro-Israel or Zionist libertarian looking for some clarity on the issue, I'd highly recommend this article. 

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